Slenderman's Shadow: Prison is the 7th map of the Slenderman's Shadow series. The goal is simple: Collect 8 photographs and avoid the enemy at all cost.

Slenderman’s Shadow is based off indie game ‘Slender’ by Mark J. Hadley (AgentParsec). It shares the same gameplay elements as the original – you must complete the objective while avoiding the enemy. The series brings the classic terror of “Slender” into new maps, expanding adventure and terror.

Similar to the original Slender game, the player must complete the objective while avoiding the Slender Man. The objective is usually to collect all of a given object such as pages, childhood mementos and teddy bears. As the player collects more objects, the enemy becomes more and more aggressive and moves more and more quickly. The music and sound effects add to the tension of the game, as a new sound loop is added as two more items are collected. The game also makes the player ‘jump’ as a very loud and sudden sound effect is played when the Slender Man appears close to the player. Similar to the original Slender, the player is allowed to sprint for a short amount of time before having to stop to regain stamina. The player also receives a quick sprint boost after being ‘shocked’ by the enemy. Unlike the original Slender, in some of the maps, the player is given 10 glowsticks which they can place down.

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Slenderman’s Shadow: Prison
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