KingsRoad is a browser-based MMO role-playing game. Like traditional role-playing games KingsRoad deals with different character classes of warriors. The storyline of the game is very simple as a classic fairytale. In the absence of the king, the kingdom is captured by evil enemies.

As a fellow warrior of the King, players band together and fight the darkness to free the princess. 3D graphics are powered by Flash Player 11 and Stage3D allows players to get the fun of a real-time RPG directly on browsers. Traveling at Longford square, players team up with friends to fight evil enemies. While playing different maps, players level up, learn to use different skills according to their characters, upgrade and craft more powerful weapons and equipment in the forge and learn to cook their food before any battle. You can play this game on your own, but with friends you will get harder gameplay and more XP and loot. You can also buy (with real money) extra gems to advance your character more quickly. This is not mandatory though.

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Kings Road
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